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Francois provides excellent service and would recommend him to anyone looking for great customer service. Shipping was extremely fast, everything was securely packaged. Looking forward to dealing with Francois again. Thanks for the awesome Rega RP6 and Hana SH cartridge!! August 2017
Great transaction with Francois and I mean GREAT!!!!Top notch seller, truly as good as it can get. The hicaps were in perfect condition as described and shipping was quick and amazing with FedEx. June 2017
Francois, was just great to deal with. Really easy transaction with fantastic communication and excellent customer service. Was very accommodating in working around obstacles to see the deal come together. Thanks again Francois!  February 2017
THE BEST! Francois is quite the gentleman, and provides the absolute highest quality items, and customer service. Thank You so much Dec 2016
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Francois. I was looking at buying speakers which he had once carried. He was very thorough in his email even though at the time I wasn't buying from him. I eventually visited his site and started looking into the 703s as a top contender. Email exchanges continued then I finally made the decision to purchase. Meeting Francois and his wife when picking up my speakers was even more of a pleasure, they made me feel like a family friend and not a customer. A real pleasure to do business with and I look forward to my future dealings with him. As for the speakers they were exactly as described. I have no hesitation recommending dealing with him. Oct 2016
It is easy to leave Positive Feedback when a deal goes smoothly...but how a seller responds when there is a unforseen 'glitch" is a real test of their integrity.  Francois proved himself to be a man of honour and immediately was able to rectify the situation in  a manner that I considered was fair and reasonable.  Kudos.  Deal in confidence.  June 2016
Got in contact with Francois and bought the HD 800.  Headphone arrived in mint condition as described on the ad.  It was a pleasant experience to deal with him, very fast process, called the store to arrange payment at noon and item was shipped in the afternoon and I received it the next day.  March 2016
Francois is always just a call away...which makes for a perfect transaction from beginning to end.  Pricing, as always was more than fair and item was exactly as described if not better...absolutely mint.  As always I would highly recommend Francois to other CANUCK members without any hesitation at all.  I think having more than 300 positive feedback items really speak for themselves...Thanks fore the Valentine's gift, just have to ask my wife now to hand over the money.  Andy, February 2016
Francois was great to deal with, he was quick with replies and extremely quick to ship.  Though the biggest plus would be that the item was described in "as new" condition and theis is exactly what I received.  Would not hesitate to deal with him again in the future.  January 2016
As always, Francois delivered a nice product for a very good price.   I will never hesitate to purchase any item of my interest from him.  The condition is like new.  It is always a pleasure to deal with Francois.  December 2015
Just received my new amplifier from Francois and I couldn't be happier.  Fast and friendly customer service, helpful information topped by fast shipping.   This is my second purchase from High End Audio, it's certainly not my last !  Until next time, Cheers!  November 2015
It has been absolute pleasure to deal with Francois.   A super fast shipping to begin with, which was literally took less than an hour once I sent out the payment.   Received the item in double pack and well protected condition which saved the original package of the product.   Item is a described  in mint condition.  Francois is a real gentleman and an asset to the audio lovers.  I will look forward to deal with Francois again in future.  Highly recommended. Francois is a wonderful business owner--honest and helpful.   A real straight shooter and asset to the audiophile community.  Always a pleasure to do business with you.   November 2015
I recently completed a series of transactions with Francois.  Working with him was possibly the best dealer experience I have had in my 40 year affliction with audio.  My highest recommendation!  Ken, Toronto, Apr 2015
This was the best transaction I have had on Canuck.  Francois has my full trust in dealing with him. Excellent communication, product as described.  I have had several dealings with Francois before and always have been impressed with his honesty. Peter, Etobicoke, Apr 2015
Dealing with Francois is - once again - a great pleasure.  He always has the very best of stuff available and he is meticulous about the condition of his goods.  When Francois says MINT you can take it to the bank - well in 2015 perhaps you could take it to a box in the backyard - but you know what I mean.  He is knowledgeable and fair, courteous, accomodating and interesting as well as being honest and clear in his descriptions.  What else could one ask?  Highest recommendation for Francois.  I drive 280 kilometres each way to do business here.  Says something, I think.  Allen, Uxbridge, Feb 2015
Hello Francois, I have now broken in the speakers and wish to provide feedback on both my experience and product.  Today I had two knowledgeable music lovers over to listen to them.  The conclusion was that your advice was spot-on with respect to speaker recommendation.  They fully integrate with my system, room and personality, with both digital and vinyl sources.  My audiophile friends concluded that I have purchased my final pair of speakers and "hit it out of the park" with their glorious sound.  Thanks again for your patience, knowledge and professionalism and for the rare practice of selling the most appropriate stereo component or accessory to a customer, and not the most expensive.  Again a pleasure doing business with you.  Sincerely, Bob, Ottawa, Oct 2014
Francois is a very nice gentleman and I felt welcomed at his home listenning to audio gear and chatting about audio.  I was able to audition amps and make a choice all in all a very positive experience.  I'm looking forward to future deals.  Thanks Francois I'm very happy with my purchase.  Take care my friend.  PS my father felt exactly the same way and he is also very happy with his purchase.  Brent, Toronto, Oct 2014
I have been doing business with Francois for a couple of years now.  Many transactions, bought numerous items and most of my main system comes from him.  I've also been doing business with many other dealers and CAMers.  I would like to say that, although most of the people I dealt with were nice and honest, Francois is the best.  Honest, fair, excellent service and a very nice guy, knowledgeable and quick to respond.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  Francois thanks for all the good things you sold me and for your incredible top notch service.  Cheers! Louis, Montréal, Sep 2014
Francois was everything you could hope for in a Dealer and our transaction went extremely smoothly.  I couldn't be happier.  He was patient, understanding, informative and concerned about the well-being of me and my audio system.  You can tell he is an audiophile first and retailer second.  When was the last time you bought something and felt like the person you were dealing with truly CARED about you?  Francois did, In spades.  He has a life-long customer in me and I look forward to speaking with him again.  Jim January 2014
Based on previous testimonials I asked Francois for advice since he had components on my list of options. After a few emails back and forth and a visit to preview speakers, I purchased a whole system from Francois.  This was due to Francois' honest and open approach to providing knowledgable information, even on components he did not sell.  It was a pleasure buying from someone who puts the customer's interests first.  David, June 2013
Another great transaction with Francois.  It is always a pleasure to do business with him...very knowledgeable and the service is second to none! Aaron B. May 2013
I've completed several transactions with Francois in the past year and a half.  Not only is he knowledgeable, honest and fair, he is genuinely interested in his client's satisfaction,  In my case he has more than once made extra eforts above and beyond the call to help me acquire top-shelf components. The fact that I now own a reference quality system is due in no small measure to dealing with Francois. Rand, January 2013
Very pleased with the player.  Francois made the transaction a joy.  More than willing to help and extremely honest.  Will certainly be adding to my Hotlist.  Andre, December 2012
As always, your service, shipping and e-mail response time is among the best I have ever experienced in this hobby.  I wish you continued success and urge other Canuck Audio Mart members to take full advantage of your knowledge and products.  Mike, Nov 2012 
I've dealt with Francois and the High End Audio Exchange 3 times now and have been most impressed and tickled pink satisfied with each and every purchase.  Buy with confidence, thanks, Rod, Sep 2012
It was a pleasure to deal with Francois.  I asked him many, many questions about the Usher in particular and appropriate amplification in general and he always replies me with very cool and informative answers.  Very fast shipping!  I'll do business with him anytime Username Whstoon, Aug 2012
Francois was a pleasure to deal with.  He was very accomodating with a trade in and I'm more than happy with the transaction.  Michael, Jun 2012
I don't even know how many transactions I have made with Francois (many), but if you want the BESTcustomer service, the VERY best advice and fair pricing on both new and trade-in value, then look no further. I started off as a newbie to hi-end audio and through Francois' advices and expertise we have created, in my mind, one of the finest sounding systems I could afford.  Look no further if you want the best..he's right here at High End Audio Exchange!.  Jack in Westville NS, Feb 2012
Look no further if you want the best advice and a fair price from someone you can trust.  Francois genuinely has his customer's best interests at heart, unlike many audiophile business owners whose focus is on the transaction.  Based on his advice, Francois helped me to change my original purchase decision (from him!!) for something less expensive that was a better fit for my kind of listening.  I saved thousands and could not be happier with the massive improvement in sound quality.  The combination of dedication to customer service, personal integrity, product knowledge and audiophile expertise is extremely hard to find these days and something you can only benefit from.  I will certainly be a customer for life.  Carlos in Ottawa, Jan 2012
This is my third dealing with Francois.  I enjoy his feedback and knowledge of High End Audio and I feel like I am talking to a friend who enjoys this hobby as much as I do.  I live in a small town so I cannot audition equipment first hand so I enjoy Francois' honest opinion on how things sound.  He treats me well and I will continue doing business with him as this hobby never ends.  Yours truly, Trevor Evans  Jul 2011
About a year or so ago I started to work on putting together a stereo.  I had the speakers but no other associated equipment and then I came upon High End Audio Exchange's website.  I had been an audiophile for most of my life but had taken an 8 year break from it, so I know what good sound is.  Well I started working with Francois to put together a system.  Separately, I purchased a Sanders power amp, Stello DAC and a Boulder preamplifier from Francois over the course of the year.  His advice and willingness to accommodate me on my audiophile quest was invaluable as well he ironed out any difficulties and adjustments along the way without hesitation.  After working with Francois for the last year putting together my system I can really say that he is not only a credit to the audiophile community but I also consider him a personal friend too.  Thank you Francois for helping me achieve my goal and today I've got one of the nicest sounding system I've ever had the pleasure of owning.  Shawn R.  July 2011
Excellent transaction with Francois.  A very fair trade-in allowance allowed purchase of the tuner.  Tuner was exactly as described and he encouraged me not to rush my decision.  I strongly recommend he be considered for any of your high end needs.  Dale S.  Jun 2011
Francois is a very honest and reliable person to do business with.  You can buy and sell with confidence. Immediate shipping and great packing.  Items are just as described.  Dan P
I have become a regular customer of “High End Audio Exchange” and plan to for many more years to comeI am a diehard PMC fan. I just am!  So finding Francois was a blessing.  What a wonderful fellow to do business with - Again!  What good advice and insight!  His products are always first rate, he is responsive both in communications and in getting things done, like a purchase and its shipment.  If you have the chance, i highly recommend Francois to you!  Ross
This is my second purchase from Francois.  Just great, relaxing way of doing business with this guy.  I recommend anyone to contact Francois before making a stereo equipment purchase.  Ugo
Francois is the best - all the good stuff that has been said about him is 100% true.  Very accommodating, lightning fast deliveries and willing to answer all questions.  Without a doubt, I can recommend Francois. DJ
Hello Francois, I am so very happy to say that the Torus arrived today.  What a night and day difference on my system. Everything just opened up nicely, especially with Jazz and Classical music.  Vocals are amazing, especially female voices. I definitely have to re-listen to all of my CD collection.  Thanks again for the quick shipment.  Gene
Thank you for the awesome, honest, prompt service and your fantastic knowledge of components.  The AR Tuner I purchased from you is awesome.  I recommend anyone in search of components to check out your site first.Once again thanks for the great service and advice, you really know your components and are a true gentleman.  Cheers!  Terry
Quite simply, Francois is the best of CAM! Unbelievably knowledgeable, ridiculously helpful and as honest as they come! I am so impressed with this guy, that when I am looking for a piece of equipment, I check to see if he has something suitable first, as I WANT to buy from him. A huge asset to the audiophile community. Do not hesitate in buying anything from Francois - I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!  Ed

It's nice to see that customer service and integrity still means something to some people. Thank you Francois, looking forward to dealing with you again. Denis

Francois is great to deal with. The unit was shipped on the same day that I purchased it. Great packing.
It is in great condition and after dealing with him for the second time he gave me a very good price.
I couldn't be more pleased. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Dan

High End Audio Exchange and its proprietor Francois Bouchard has quickly become one of my favorite suppliers of audiophile electronic components.  I transacted three deals with him to date.  Each has proceeded very smoothly.  The components were as advertised and at a reasonable price.  Although the shipping took a day or two longer to arrive from Canada, the end result was well worth it.  Also,don't forget the favorable exchange rate that currently exists between U.S. and Canadian Dollars.  On a scale of Five stars, I give Francois all five.  Looking forward to many future pleasurable transactions.  Thanks again,  Rich


From my great Canadian customers:

Hi Francois, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give me some absolutely perfect advice on which direction to take with the upgrading of my home theatre system. In fact, the first advice you gave me was not even trying to sell me anything. You just simply gave me your thoughts and let me decide. Later you told me to get a Bryston 6B SST amp and since you didn’t have one in stock, you gave me the ad for one on AudioGon and told me I should buy it there since it was a great deal. Well, that didn’t work (I took too long and it was snapped up before I was able to get in an offer). So I waited and finally you found me the amp I needed, and it was brand new and never used, but at a price I couldn’t refuse.

Then I decided to add another amp for the rear speakers (a Bryston 9B SST this time) and a few days later you had located one for me, which I also couldn’t refuse.

You have gone out of your way to help and for that I am very grateful. I will highly recommend you to anyone else that is looking for the best service out there. Your non pressure sales approach made me feel comfortable about buying from you, as well as your very fair prices and the promise that if I wasn’t satisfied when I received the item, I could return it for a full refund.

Thanks again and you know I’ll be back for more soon (or as soon as II can afford it).

It’s obvious that you are an audiophile first and an audio dealer second (but an awesome dealer, nevertheless).



Thanks so much for your help choosing my new audio system, you have a great ear.  You demonstrated the subtle differences between systems and allowed me to form my own opinions.  You showed incredible patience switching back and forth between many component combinations, and different music tracks.  My relatively limited budget had no bearing on the time you spent with me. It's obvious you love what you do.  I purchased with total confidence. Thanks again, Alan


Francois: Thanks for the trust! The player arrived today, packed in what looks to be the original packing! I am impressed and I was doubly impressed that you gave back some change . You can use those observations on your comments page. By the way, the Arcam sounds very nice. Cheers. Greg  Johnson