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Brand New SPL Phonitor x

Phonitor x is part of SFL Pro-Fi series of products. Pro-Fi stands for Professional Fidelity and it expresses that these products have their roots in professional studio technology being optimized for high-fidelity music playback. Mastering studios give your records and CDs the final touch – with SPL 120V technology. And because the Phonitor x is built with the same technology it belongs to best headphone amplifiers on the planet. With its extraordinary specifications and enormous headroom the Phonitor x plays back audio in the most relaxed and uncompromised fashion. Ear fatigue is reduced by far and hearing session stay delightful for a long. We have stocks of Phonitor x in Red and Black and with the optional ($700) DAC boards - Book a demo, I guarantee you will be impressed! Retails for $3499

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