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XLO Unlimited Edition 2

6 foot power cord in excellent condition. We do not have the original box, guaranteed genuine

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Nordost Heimdall

1 metre XLR pair in excellent condition.

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Triode Wire Lab

Several to choose from ranging from 7C, 10C, 12C, 14C, D14 all in 5 foot length. Offers accepted, please specify which one you wish to purchase

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Nordost Silver Shadow 0.5m

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Kimber Kable Hero

1.5 metre XLR cable pair in excellent condition

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Siltech 330 L

Siltech 330 L. Just back from the Netherlands, this was a custom order whereby we sent a pair of pre-owned 5 metre 330L bi-wire speaker cables to be cut into 2 pairs of 2.5 metre bananas. This pair has bi-wire configuration, all bananas and comes with new serial numbers, certificate and box. Retails for $2830.00. Contact us at (613) 767-4321 or for more information.


Siltech 330i, 2 metre XLRs

Buy in confidence, we are an authorized Siltech dealer. Siltech's entry level into the reference grade audio quality of their G7 metallurgy (Silver Gold Alloy). Also, great value on their entry level Explorer line (100% PCOCC).


Tara Labs Quantum IV interconnects

2 pairs available, a 1 metre RCA and 2 metre RCA. Both in good condition, no box and priced to sell. The 1 metre pair is $125, the 2 metre pair is $200


Naim Super Lumina speaker cables (in stock, on demo)

Possibly the most dramatic upgrade in terms of dollars vs sonic benefit for Naimists. From Naim: Every link in the audio chain is important. It’s something we’ve confirmed time and time again in listening tests. That’s why during the development of the Statement, our flagship amplification system, we began a project in parallel to design a completely new range of high performance Naim Audio cables. We started with a blank page, specifying each element using our expertise in cable construction and material science and based on the results of thousands of hours spent in the listening room testing prototypes. The Super Lumina range is the result. Consisting of audio interconnects and speaker cables, the range is capable of meeting the demands of Statement but is equally at home in other Naim Audio 500 and Classic Series systems. Price is for a 3 metre pair, interconnects also available.

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Naim Hiline 4 to 5 pin din

Pre-owned and in like new condition with original packaging. Retails for $1499

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New Naim Powerline

Brand new Naim powerline AC powercord. Currently retails for $1095


Naim Hiline 5 Pin Din (Factory refurbished)

A worthwhile upgrade interconnects, even at it's full retail price of $1295. This is a factory refurbished cable, in like new condition and with full warranty.

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Siltech 330i 1m RCA (New)

Outstanding reference grade cable featuring the famous Gold/Silver G7 alloy.


Naim Interconnect 5 to 5 Pin DIN

The SNAIC family of interconnects use a cable which is custom manufactured to our specification to provide the ideal impedance, capacitance and conductivity for Naim products. Each SNAIC interconnect is meticulously hand-built in-house using established production techniques. This is the most cost effective way to connect Naim source components to Naim Preamplifiers/Integrated amplifiers


Naim Interconnect Hiline 5 to 5 pin DIN

Brand new, a worthwhile upgrade for Nait XS on up.


Naim NACA 5

Available in 3.5 metre and 5 metre lengths, priced at $29.00 per foot (3.5 metres = 11 feet, 5 metres = 16 feet)