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Power Amplifiers


Naim NAP 200

In mint condition with original box, power cord and SNAIC. Serial # 304130

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Devialet Expert D200 Companion

Devialet Expert D200 Companion in mint condition, one owner purchased new from us in 2016. Comes with original double box, Crystal cable digital link cable, trigger cable, SD Card, power cable and gloves. Retailed for $7995.00

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Classé CA 151

Rated 9/10 due to minor scratches on the top cover. Perfect working condition and mint façade. This is a classic ,legendary and highly regarded Canadian made amp. We do not have the original box nor the manual but secure shipping is not a problem.

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Pathos Adrenalin

Pathos' Flagship Monoblocks featuring proprietary double Inpol technology, fully balanced, Class A with zero feedback, Pure Silver wiring and 180W of musical bliss. These were occasionally used as Distributor Demo units and retail for $54,995.00 Come with original crates and manual. Matching Flagship Preamp also available.

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Pathos InPower

In excellent working condition, just returned from Dan Santoni for a cap upgrade. Rated 8/10 due to a few blemishes.. We do not have the original crates and at over 100 lbs each, they must either be picked up in Kingston or we can make arrangements to meet part-way to Toronto, Montréal or Ottawa. These are current models that retail for $17,995. The original capacitors were prone to failure so they were pre-emptively replaced.

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Naim NAP 100 (New in stock)

The NAP 100 is a classic expression of traditional Naim power amplifier engineering. Offering 50 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, and 75 watts at 4 Ohms, the NAP 100 is a dual mono design based on the circuit topology found in our SuperUniti reference all-in-one player. While its dimensions are conveniently compact – just 20cm wide – its performance is seriously dynamic and expansive. Combine the NAP 100 with its partner the DAC-V1, and either a computer or UnitiServe for example, to create a thoroughly modern system, bursting with Naim rhythm and clarity.