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Naim CDX 2.2

Brand new, serial # 41308, manufactured in the first half of 2017.

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New Naim Uniti Core

It's finally here! The long awaited Uniti Core replaces and improves on the former $5495 Naim UnitiServe with added functionality and more contemporary design and an appreciable $1700 price reduction. The compact, yet powerful Uniti Core is the perfect hub for your digital music collection. Every element of this dedicated music server – from the customised operating system, the enhanced ripping engine and the linear power supply to the low-vibration aluminium casework – has been engineered to deliver consistent, reliable performance and highest sound quality. Advanced Ethernet technology means that Uniti Core simply will not buckle under stress, enabling UPnP™ players on the network or a connected DAC to perform at their best

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Aurender A10 Music Server/Streamer/MQA DAC

New, in stock. The A10 is a Music Player with high performance digital-to-analog converter. With 4TB of internal hard disk drive and one 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the A10 is the perfect solution for those replacing CD Players. All Aurender models include the dedicated Aurender Conductor App, hailed by reviewers worldwide for its performance and intuitive operation. iPad App was developed in house with managing large music databases in mind, providing exceptionally fast browsing and searching of your favorite music. All Aurender Servers and Players fully support the service. Enjoy 35 million lossless CD quality music tracks with the world's best sounding Music Server. You can also easily play music from your NAS, on Aurender's HDD or music from the TIDAL service using the same app and it also decodes and plays MQA files, now available on Tidal. Price is $5500 (USD) or approximately 7000 CAD

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Chord DAVE

DAVE is the most advanced DAC Chord has ever made. It features the very best conversion technology available, using proprietary techniques never seen before, making DAVE the most advanced DAC/preamp amplifier in the world. DAVE stands for ‘Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis’, a moniker that best reflects the product’s capability; a device so advanced and with so few compromises, that it is absolutely truthful in the extreme — a standard that all other DACs on the market simply cannot hope to match. The DAC, which is also a reference-level headphone amplifier and ‘digital preamp’, distils twenty years of Chord research, development and advanced engineering into one device. At its heart lies a new version of the advanced Spartan 6 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with 1,000x the processing power of the traditional mass-produced chip DAC. DAVE’s FPGA is loaded with over a million lines of code to confront complex timing issues head-on, with speed and precision. The FPGA’s extraordinary capability enables a number of key sonic benefits, including significantly improved timing and the best noise-shaper performance of any known DAC. DAVE’s technology delivers music with unmatched reality and musicality, with an unrivalled timing response. The device’s lossless digital volume control outputs the signal direct to your power amplifier for the purest experience. DAVE has a full-sized LCD display, showing input, sample frequency, volume and set-up configurations options, within Chord’s famous porthole design. On its fascia, DAVE also features a rotary encoder with a large stainless steel controller and ball buttons, enabling direct interactivity in addition to the supplied remote control. As a result of Brexit, DAVE is now reduced to $13,995 and we offer top dollars for exchanges.

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Musical Fidelity M6 Encore

The Encore Connect is an audio preamplifier/source component allowing you to keep all your music in one place. It accepts almost any conceivable analog or digital audio source. It is also compatible with many network speakers, such as Sonos. There is a very clear, large, high-resolution full colour display so you can see what’s going on.

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Rega Isis Valve

Mint with full warranty, this was a Distributor Demo model and what a superb player it is! Rega’s flagship CD player, the Isis,is a product manufactured to the highest achievable quality inside and out. Recognized widely as among the absolute best player on the market, regardless of price. The Isis Valve retails for $13,499, a saving of $4000!

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Rega Isis

Mint with full warranty, this was a Distributor Demo model and what a superb player it is! Rega’s flagship CD player, the Isis,is a product manufactured to the highest achievable quality inside and out. Recognized widely as among the absolute best player on the market, regardless of price. The Isis Valve retails for $12,499, a saving of $3600!

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Cambridge Audio CXC

Outstanding CD Redbook transport, in stock and on demo. Available in Black and Silver, please specify when you Buy It Now


Chord Chordette 2Qute (on demo)

The new 2Qute is a compact, affordable standalone DAC which combines two award-winning products in one: the revolutionary Hugo DAC/headphone amp and the class-leading Qute EX standalone DAC. The new 2Qute takes the technology from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision's 2014 Best DAC - (Hugo) and adds it to What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision's 2014 Best DAC £700 - £1,000 (Qute EX). The result is a new super-DAC for 2015 with class-leading specification, outstanding technical measurements and proven sonic performance. 2Qute advances the award-winning Qute EX DAC into 2015 with the latest Hugo specification. Essentially a Hugo in a Chordette chassis, it brings the latest FPGA DAC technology into an affordable home-system-orientated unit. 2Qute contains the same high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA that has enabled Hugo to redefine the DAC genre in 2014. The 2Qute also boasts astonishingly low distortion levels of 0.0003%. Available in Black or Silver

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Chord Hugo (on demo)

Hugo is ready to take advantage of today's advanced studio-master-quality (DXD) music files. It can decode sample rates ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz (PCM), allowing audiophiles to experience music in true high definition, along with the best possible reproduction of CD-quality music. Hugo also benefits from two advanced USB inputs: one for legacy USB devices, plus a high-definition USB port for operation up to 384kHz. Thanks to two additional digital inputs, coaxial and optical, any connected component with a digital output will also benefit from Hugo's advanced technology.

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Chord Hugo TT (on demo)

With the new Hugo TT (Table Top) we've built on the extraordinary success of our genre-defining Hugo DAC/headphone amplifier. The new larger desktop-orientated device offers greater connectivity including a USB-B input, XLR outputs, two quarter inch headphone outputs, plus improved performance and features. Compared to the more mobile Hugo, the Hugo TT gains a new larger chassis, remote control, an alphanumeric LED display with input/sample rate data, and improved sonic performance thanks to supercapacitors. Advanced sample rate capabilityThe Hugo TT is ready to take advantage of today's advanced studio-master-quality (DXD) music files allowing music lovers to experience music in true high definition, along with the best possible reproduction of CD-quality music. Hugo TT supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical, plus DSD64 on all inputs and DSD128 via coax or USB (all via DoP). In a key upgrade over the original Hugo, the Hugo TT benefits from a high-quality asynchronous B-type USB connection for both the SD and HD USB input. With two further digital inputs: a (new) BNC coaxial and optical (TOSLink), any connected component with a digital output can benefit from the Hugo TT's advanced sound quality. Available in Silver or Black

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Aurender N100H (on demo)

Just released in June 2015 and in stock. The N100 digital music player incorporates many innovations originally developed for the higher priced Aurender S10 and W20 models, including a solid-state drive cache for playback which eliminates latency and drop-outs from NAS drives. The high performance USB digital audio output was developed using the same engineering as the USB outputs on the flagship Aurender W20. New units priced at $2699 USD

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Aurender X100

The Aurender X100 digital music player supports DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, M4A and other major formats at native bit and sampling rates. Equipped with a clean USB digital audio output, Ethernet port, terabytes of internal storage, 120GB solid-state drive for cached playback,the X100 is the ideal solution for playing and storing high resolution digital music collections for those who own quality USB DACs. Comes standard with 1 TB hard drive ($2999 USD), 6TB HD, $3499 USD and 12 TB for $3899. If you Buy it Now, remember to remit funds in USD. Only available in Silver

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Rega DAC R

The DAC R represents a further enhancement of the very musical, and versatile original Rega DAC. New features include: Remote control input selection (handset included), Fully asynchronous 24bit-192kHz USB, Re-designed front facia offering clearer indication of the incoming frequency, Improved optical sockets access to allow use of large diameter high end optical leads and Streamlined filter functionality for high resolution files. Be one of the first to own it!


Naim NDX

The NDX is a network audio player with the potential to transform music in the home. It can play UPnP audio streams, internet radio, iPod or iPhone audio, and files stored on USB memory hardware. Three high resolution S/PDIF digital inputs complete its versatility. NDX is however more than just a versatile network audio player. It embodies Naim's unrivalled digital audio experience and knowhow to provide music reproduction quality equivalent to the best-in-class CDX2 CD player and HDX hard disk player . It makes music with vitality and clarity, rhythm and warmth. NDX defines a new class of high-end audio source equipment and brings to it genuine audiophile performance. NDX is on demonstration, expect your jaw to drop. Also in stock, the XPS DR Power supply and Naim DAC.

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Naim DAC V1

The DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB digital to analogue converter with multiple digital S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a high-quality headphone amplifier. It will produce stunning sound quality from your computer and transform it into a high-quality, high-resolution music hub. Digital made musical. Connect the DAC-V1 to your PC, Mac or Laptop via a standard A to B USB cable and the quality of your music will be defined not by the limitations of the computer hardware, but by the quality of the data itself. And with DAC-V1 that can be incredibly high, up to 24bit/384kHz resolution. The DAC-V1 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disc server and its matching power amplifier, the NAP 100, to create a compact high-end music system.

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Naim DAC

The Naim DAC marks a technical milestone comparable to our first CD player, the CDS. The CDS demonstrated that CD replay and lifelike music reproduction were not mutually exclusive. Now, the Naim DAC demonstrates that the jitter and noise that bedevil traditional external digital to analogue conversion can be overcome and a new route to the real enjoyment of music opened. The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 24bit resolution. It not only brings all the digital inputs together into the analogue domain, but does so with a level of performance that can compete with the finest from any Naim CD player to provide unrivalled musical fulfilment. Retails for $4295.00 demo model available for $3499.00

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Naim UnitiServe 2TB or SSD

On shelves? In a cupboard? Sometimes scattered, on the floor? With UnitiServe, every CD you own can be stored, catalogued and ready to play at the press of a key, the click of a mouse or the touch of an iPhone. UnitiServe is a compact, slot-loading, CD ripping, hard disc music player and server based on the technology of the multi-award-winning Naim HDX. It takes the fundamentals of the HDX; a massive internal hard disk drive, Naim bit-perfect ripping, Ethernet connection, UPnPTM server, StreamNet technology and local digital outputs, and combines them with a set of features perfectly suited to music in the home of today, and tomorrow. An audio system can grow around UnitiServe. It can replay ripped CDs into a digital input-equipped amplifier, such as the SUPERNAIT or a digital to analogue converter like Naim's DAC, for example, with all the engaging Naim musical insight, musical performance and clarity you would expect. In addition the UnitiServe can operate as a UPnPTM server to stream audio to any UPnPTM playback device over a home network, such as NaimUniti or UnitiQute, to create a simple and fantastic sounding multi-room system. And for those wanting to put sound quality at the centre of whole-home control, UnitiServe is StreamNet-enabled and can also function as the heart of a sophisticated IP-based NaimNet* multi-room system. However you choose to use UnitiServe, it can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod touch device running a dedicated Naim app, a touch screen, or a computer anywhere on the home network either via a web browser or the Naim Desktop Client application.

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Meitner MA-1

DSD over USB capable DAC for the closest to Master Tape reproduction of music in all its glory. While the music available on DSD is not yet plentyful, rest assured that all your digital files, from 16/44 to 24/192 will be converted to their full potential. "It may be the first audio product that's equally appealing to those on a budget, and those with no budget limitation at all".

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EMM Labs DAC2X (In stock)

Absolute state of the art DAC featuring the latest generation MDAT up-converting DSP, MFAST jitter removal system, MCLK masterclock and Ed Meitner's hand built 5.6Mhz proprietary discrete dual differential DAC. This is a cost no objet tour-de-force by one of the brightest digital audio engineer of this generation.

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